EduEgo a ID

Solidarity project, European Solidarity Corps

EduEra and the Slovak Association of Students and Graduates of Psychology joined forces. We organized discussions, workshops, conferences for youth workers, teachers, psychologists, students, and the public in various cities in Slovakia focused on working with young people suffering from mental illness or failure during six months.

At the end of March, we also organized a successful conference All About Mental Health in Trnava, where we invited experts with exciting topics such as Mgr. Ondrej Kubik, PhD. - criminal psychologist and lawyer, Mgr. Matúš Adamkovič - replicability of psychological research in the field of mental health, PhDr. Andrea Baranovská - burnout syndrome, doc. Mgr. Slavka Demuthova, PhD. - thanatology, Mgr. Gabriela Ruttmarová, PhD. - Psychotherapy for a psychologist and many more.

Funding was provided by the Slovak National Agency IUVENTA for ERASMUS+: European Solidarity Corps, Solidarity project.