Project ReCalibur arises in light of the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic and the need for ever-increasing innovation, impact and recognition of youth work.

ReCalibur – ecotools in youth work for collective creativity aims to explore youth work's renewed role in fostering a shared sense of mutual belonging with the communities and the natural world by enhancing and strengthening resonating outer connection as forms of creative inspiration.

This to increase young people's sense of belonging, wellbeing, resilience, and responsibility towards the biosphere as a whole, and identify in these restored interactions means, motivation, tools and positive outlook to accomplish their goals and those of their community, expressed via the creative arts.

ReCalibur brings out an online environment, which will contain:


to demonstrate the scientific approach behind the proposed methodology and approach

Educational toolkit

to foster creativity through community engagement and reconnection with the non-human world

Collective gallery

of curated resources, as well as collective storytelling

Events, meetings and actions

  • 1 training course to explore tools for community engagement
  • 1 training course to explore tools for nature and outdoors-focused tools
  • 10 focus groups
  • 10 local activities to put the tools in practice
  • 5 Multiplier Event workshops of community creativity
  • 5 Multiplier Event connected to nature-focused non-formal education workshops
  • 5 international webinars
  • 4 transnational partner meetings


  • to explore ecopsychology principles and approaches
  • to investigate, curate, adapt and create non-formal education approaches and tools for youth workers, trainers, facilitators, coaches and educators
  • to demonstrate the relevance and evidence of this renewed approach to youth work
  • to pilot and prototype both new approach and the related tools in international youth work contexts, as well as in local youth work
  • to collect all the outputs, outcomes, deliverables and products of this project into an interactive online environment and embedded social media campaign in order to showcase the benefit of the approach and raise awareness towards the youth needs that arose from the covid-19 pandemic and our proposed solution

Impact and long-term effects

  • ecopsychology principles and approaches with focus on creativity explored, prototyped and proven in relation to applicability to youth work
  • the new approach and methodology are promoted and disseminated
  • youth work is innovated and has more tools and approaches at disposition
  • role, impact and recognition of youth work and non-formal education has been strengthened
  • creativity, wellbeing and inclusion in young people as well as in communities has been strengthened
  • creativity, creative industries, community life and the ecological environment are appreciated more
  • quality of creative expressions enhances sense of belonging to community and the biosphere, enriching the local cultural heritage  
  • civil society strengthened
Creators of ReCalibur

ReCalibur – ecotools in youth work for collective creativity is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project in the field of innovation. Project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and the Slovak National Agency Iuventa.