About us

We aim to inform people about educational opportunities, build and develop their competencies, and support their active participation and initiative through various projects in Slovakia and abroad. The main activity of EduEra is to interconnect formal, non-formal education and business sector. Our activities are mainly focused on cross-sectoral collaboration between schools, municipalities, and NGOs.

EduEra works as a young people-led platform for young people, focusing on non-formal education. We believe that society's most important value is education, which we offer young people thanks to training, workshops, volunteering, and projects in Slovakia and abroad. We support the active participation of young people in generating new ideas and creating new initiatives. Our members come from different parts of Slovakia and focus on all areas in which they see potential and opportunities for young people.

In 2018, EduEra was awarded as The best practice NGO, presenting our work at the European Parliament in Brussels. In the same year, the international project TRAINBOW was awarded as an Example of good practice in Slovakia and was placed in the top ten best international training for youth workers from around the world supported by the EU and the Erasmus + program.

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