Training course, Erasmus+

At the end of September, 35 participants (teachers, youth workers, community leaders, psychologists) from 11 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Latvia) met in Kysak in east Slovakia.

COACHING: Level One was an international training course for youth workers on group coaching, focusing on unemployed youth and NEET. The training course was targeted at trainers, youth workers, teachers and community leaders, and took place from September of 2019 in Kysak, eastern Slovakia.

The Youth Worker Coaching Manual was created as part of the training. We bring you its second updated version. The manual helps youth workers, teachers, social workers and psychologists to build, expand and extend their coaching competencies and knowledge in youth coaching and use this as a valuable tool in their work.

How Natalia, one of our participant, summarise one of the days of our training course?

“How I see the previous day – it was a preparation for the main event, the Hero journey.

First - we worked again with our wheels of balance. It was interesting to combine this tool with a spiral dynamic, the Maslow's pyramid and hero journey. All together.

Then we talked about rituals and rites, explored 3 phases of all rituals, thought how to use this principle in coaching. However, we created our own ritual to begin the hero journey.

What happened afternoon is very difficult to explain, it was a real adventure in the night forest. It’s impossible to describe, it’s important to experience. Thanks to the whole team of trainers for such a deep and great experience and a warm meeting after.”

​Funding was provided by the Slovak National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers, IUVENTA.