Colours of youth work

An international expert seminar, Erasmus+

What happened when 34 people from 18 countries representing 28 international organisations meet in Bardejov, Slovakia? Our project Colours of youth work!

During our six-day long international seminar in Bardejov, east part of Slovakia, 34 youth workers from 28 countries from Asia and Europe shared their best practices in youth work.

The seminar was targeted at youth workers and managers in youth organisations who are interested in sharing practices and learning from each other to enrich their youth work and toolbox, provide better services to young people, improve the work of their organisation and create more impact and build lasting international partnerships to support each other and run activities together.

The shared practices related to any aspect of youth work, participants shared tools and approaches in how to support and work directly with young people, how projects and activities are managed, how to co-operate with different types of stakeholders in youth work, how to create and measure impact, how to provide information about opportunities to young people, whatever it is that they think they do well and is worth sharing.


​Funding was provided by the Slovak National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers, IUVENTA.