The project AdultLife aims to support young people in transition to adult life.
AdultLife makes information about growing up and dealing with adult life available in a relatable and youthful way. It also gives educators working with young people tools to properly and effectively communicate these information to the target group.
AdultLife answers questions from young people about day-to-day problems in their entry into adult life from various fields.
Ikona k projektu AdultLife v téme financií - ilustrované prasiatko ako spornička.
Financial Literacy
Ikona k projektu AdultLife v téme bývanie - ilustrovaná lampa.
Ikona k projektu AdultLife v téme pracovný trh a zamestanie - ilustrovaná aktovka.
Ikona k projektu AdultLife v téme zdravia - ilustrované srdce.
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Ikona k projektu AdultLife v téme občianskej participácie - tri ilustrované postavy.
Citizenship and Participation

What is AdultLife?

  • educational podcasts, which will also entertain you
  • informative videos
  • survival manual: diary with all the important dates for young adults (taxes, insurance, preventive medical examination etc.)
  • online library with useful information for educational providers
  • MOOC: an online course for educators focussed on how to implement the topic of adult life in the work with young people


Creators of AdultLife
The project is implemented in these three different European countries (Slovakia, Portugal and Austria) in local contexts and language, as well as in European level in english.
AdultLife is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and the Slovak National Agency IUVENTA.