Aktuálne projekty

Youth Work, You(th) Lead

Training course

19th – 29th August 2021 | Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Infopack: sites.google.com/view/ye-youth-work-youth-lead
Deadline: 20th of July

Self ESTeam

Youth exchange

16th – 24th August 2021 | Rosia, Romania

Infopack: bit.ly/SelfESTeam_infopack
Deadline: 25th of July

Check your privilege

Youth exchange

3rd – 11th October 2021 | Kaunas, Lithuania

Infopack: bit.ly/CheckYourPrivilege_infopack
Deadline: 30th of July

Global Cotton From The Bottom

Youth exchange

20th – 27th September 2021 | Kaunas, Lithuania

Infopack: bit.ly/GlobalCottonFromTheBottom-infopack
Deadline: 22th of August